Yoga and Mindfulness

At Kiwikidz we have always enjoyed yoga in our programme, and our tamariki often get out our mats and lead their own yoga practice. More recently we have been looking at mindfulness and ways we can explore this and incorporate it in the everyday things we do. Some of our teachers have attended mindfulness workshops and brought back wonderful experiences and ideas that we have all embraced.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is our ability to pay attention to the present moment, with curiosity and without judgement. Mindfulness can be cultivated through a formal practice, like meditation, and we can bring mindful attention to our daily activities.

Our tamariki have enjoyed lying peacefully and listening to guided mindfulness sessions designed for children. We have incorporated lighting scented candles, playing peaceful music and the use of diffusers with essential oils to awaken our sensory experiences.

Our tamariki have enjoyed opportunities to explore yoga at our beautiful beach and explore mindful eating. We have received wonderful feedback from our whanau about tamariki sharing the things they are learning at home.

We are fortunate to have whanau at Kiwikidz that teach yoga and we recently enjoyed a trip to Seb’s mums yurt at home where Megan guided us through some wonderful yoga.  We then enjoyed exploring the beautiful gardens that surround their property.

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