For Families

Qualified and experienced teachers, excellent ratios, and an educational curriculum ensure all children attending KiwiKidz Educare are receiving the best in quality care and education.

Children experience a supportive environment where their individual needs are paramount. Children are encouraged to play within set limits and boundaries which promote self-esteem, social skills and fun, which in turn empowers them to learn.

Adults and children create a dynamic environment in which care and respect for themselves, others and equipment is promoted.
Families are warmly welcomed and experience an environment where their contributions are valued and partnership is fostered.

Settling children in:

Young children can sometimes find it difficult to settle into new and unfamiliar environments. At Kiwikidz we believe taking time to build trusting relationships with you and your child enables a smooth transition. Kiwikidz At the Beach Settling Procedure:

Visit as often as possible before your child is expected to attend. At these visits get to know your child’s teachers and key caregiver. All children will be appointed a key caregiver that will be responsible for their routine, settling in, development profile, development updates, and your parent induction.

If it is possible, stay during the first stages of transition until your child is settled into an activity or happy with a teacher or peer.
Children are welcome to bring any special toys or cuddlies that might help them to settle.

Parents are encouraged to say good-bye once and then leave, as frequent coming and going is unsettling for children.

Communication with Parents:

KiwiKidz Educare At the Beach values highly our relationships with whānau and aims to make communication with parents/whānau as open, regular and informative as possible. We recognise that while parents/whānau are interested in all aspects of the centre they are often restricted by time. We have therefore instigated a variety of communication means.

We have a Kiwikidz facebook page that enables us to share upcoming events, photos of our daily programme , trips and excursions into the community with family and friends of Kiwikidz At the Beach. We also find it a great way to share notices with our whānau.
Monthly newsletters provide parents with information regarding social events, parent education programmes, teacher professional development, equipment and environment initiatives and any other relevant information. A communications book provides two way communication between teachers and parents in our under 2’s environment when it is not possible to discuss matters directly with a parent or teacher.

Programme planning is displayed for parents to view. Whānau aspirations for their children are acknowledged and documented at time of enrolement and shared with whole team.

Nappy changes, toileting and sleep times are recorded in information books available for parents to view each day. Profile books are kept on each child to communicate information to parents about their child’s development and daily activities. Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers and management freely and we value their contributions.

At KiwiKidz parents/whanau are encouraged and welcomed to play an active role in contributing to centre life and our programme, through sharing ideas, skills and knowledge we strengthen and support the partnership between centre life and home life.

Sleeping and rest times:

Infants and toddlers individual sleeping patterns are retained as much as possible and they sleep in cots or beds with bedding. (Provided by KiwiKidz Educare). Older children have opportunities for a quiet rest time after lunch, or a sleep if requested by their parents.


Once your child has turned two they may be ready for Transitioning visit’s in the over 2’s area but this only happens with a combination of factors including, developmental readiness, availability of a space in the over 2’s area and consultation with parents. The under 2’s teacher will provide ‘Transition Notes’ for over 2’s teachers with child’s interests, strengths, sleep routines and language development. This helps new caregivers build insight and provide a smooth transition.


Please notify our teachers if your child is unwell and unable to attend. Your child should be kept home if you suspect illness, especially of an infectious nature.

In the event that any child becomes ill while at KiwiKidz Educare we would require a parent or guardian to collect them immediately.

Please see our illness policy for details of when it is necessary to keep your child at home or collect them from the Centre.


Children provide their own healthy packed morning/afternoon tea and lunch. Water is provided throughout the day. Please notify our teachers if there are any foods or liquids your child dislikes or is allergic to.


Please provide a clearly labelled bag for your child. We will also have a bag tag for their bag. Please also provide at least two clearly labelled complete changes of clothing.

For children in nappies please provide enough disposable nappies for each day. Families are to supply all nappies and are responsible for restocking their child’s nappy basket.

If you choose to use cloth nappies and liners, they will be stored in a plastic bag ready to take home at end of your booked session (we do not wash cloth nappies at KiwiKidz).

In the summer please ensure your child has with them a clearly labelled sunhat.

In the winter please ensure your child has a labelled warm hat, jacket and gumboots. Each child can hang their bag/belongings on one of the hooks at the entrance.


Children are most welcome to celebrate their birthdays at KiwiKidz Educare. Any special cake/foods should be provided from home. Parents are most welcome to join us or leave cameras for us to record the celebrations.

Complaints Procedure:

Should you have a complaint regarding any aspect of your child’s care or education, please take it up directly with the teacher concerned.

If this proves unsuccessful in resolving the issue please contact the Centre Manager of KiwiKidz Educare At The Beach, Debbie Kingsford-Tinling. Please lodge written confirmation of this complaint within two days.

Fees & Payment Options

Sessions Over 2 years Under 2 years
Hourly $7.00 $7.00

* prices valid from 18.07.2022

** All Day is from 7.30am – 17.15pm

Bookings: If booking from morning, the start time is no later than 9.00am. When booking full day, afternoon pick up time no earlier than 2.30pm

Payment Options: There is a choice of automatic, weekly or monthly lump sum payments. Please talk to Debbie or Sue in the office about payment system that suits you.

Public Holidays: You will not be charged for public holidays, this will show on your invoice.
Absences: If your child/ren has a permanent booking you will still be charged for absences.
We have a 3 week holiday grace period for Family holidays.
(3 weeks notice of holiday is appreciated).

Extra Hours: Extra hours/bookings will be added to your monthly invoice.

Extra Nappies: Families are to supply all nappies and are responsible for restocking their child’s nappy basket. Additional charge of $2.00 per nappy if your child does not have enough and requires KiwiKidz to supply. This will then be added to your invoice.

WINZ Subsidy: If you are eligable for subsidy assistance we have WINZ Subsidy Application forms that we will prepare for your child. We recommend that you contact WINZ (phone 0800 559 009 or visit office) once your child has a booked placement at KiwiKidz prior to them starting

ECE Free 20 hours: KiwiKidz Educare are providing ECE Free 20 hours (up to 6 hours per day) for 3-4 year olds from 02/07/07. Please read the ECE Parent information sheet & talk to Debbie or Sue for more information. Complete Free ECE Attestation Form if eligible. Once your child/ren has a booking please let us know if booked in at other Centre/Playcentre etc on other days with ECE free 20 hours (see Enrolment Form).